Amazing Twitter thread showing white men being taught how to make candied yams goes viral

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A social media thread captured the imagination of Twitter users as people taught two “white dudes” the art of cooking candied yams.

The entertaining dialogue between social media users was hailed for breaking down cultural divides and was shared tens of thousands of times.

The masterclass began when one person shared a picture of his dinner of macaroni cheese and candied yams accompanied with the quip: “Y’all know what’s going on.”

Another user – Tyree – commented on the post and pointed out that “a certain demographic” didn’t recognise what the popular African-American dish was.

Will Wadas then replied: “Me, what’s on the right?”

And so commenced the yam tutorial…

Materclass: The tweet that began it all

As Mr Wadas was soon told, the dish is made up of yams – also known as sweet potatoes – cooked in cinnamon and brown sugar.

Mr Wadas, along with half of Twitter, decided he needed to taste the sugary delicacy and he was told to “Google the recipe and whip it my G”.

Social media then patiently coached him through the steps of making the meal.

“Don’t use [tinned yams]. Buy fresh, boil them so they easier to peel and cut,” wrote Tyree.

“Add cinnamon, butter and brown sugar.”

“Listen to sis. She’s absolutely right,” wrote another. “The little marshmallows on top too. That’s how my Meemaw got the kiddies to eat it growing up.”

Mr Wadas then documents his cookery masterclass by posting pictures of the meal at various stages of preparation.

Meanwhile the internet waited in suspense to see how his finished product would look.

He eventually shared a snap of him tucking into the yams in a tweet that was shared 27,000 times, writing: “This s*** is f****** amazing.

“Two white dudes consult black twitter on how to make candy yam… broke the internet. #unity.”

Yams: He posted a picture of himself tucking into the meal

Twitter responded in force to the thread – with thousands of people commenting and praising the people involved.

One person wrote: “Shouts out to everyone on this thread who made those Yams happen from start to finish. That teamwork did not go unnoticed.”

And some pointed out that it should be a lesson in how to “approach other cultures”.

“This was great. Can someone of the other demographic teach me how to make casserole?” wrote one user.

And another joked: “This is how we are going to end racism…Food I’m all for it.”

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