'Anti-immigration' 'Spine-chilling' and 'megabuck' all terms coined in Donald Trump's year of birth

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A leading dictionary has created a fascinating new way to find out which words were first used in the year you were born.

Merriam-Webster online dictionary has invented the tool which records when all new words were first spotted in print.

Many of the results are fairly predictable with terms like “selfie”, “SARS” and “social media” emerging during the 2000s while “Eurozone”, “smartphone”, “DVD” and the now-common “spoiler alert” all began life in the 1990s.

Words of the 1980s include “gangsta”, “alt-rock”, “gaydar”, “road rage”, “yuppie flu” and “Vietnamese potbellied pig”.

In a funny coincidental nod to the Prime Minister’s love of shoes, “kitten heel” was first used in 1956, the year Theresa May was born, while Donald Trump’s birth year brought us the words “anti-integration”, “spine-chilling” and “megabuck”.

The dictionary has lists of words added by year. (Getty Images)

Users can now search by any year from 1500 to 2010, with many words recorded as far back as before the 12th century.

The list of words by year also offers an intriguing insight into trends, with “speed dating”, “booty call” and “friend with benefits” all emerging as new words in the 1990s.

But the clever new tool also has a darker side, tracking the more serious points in history for example with the word “HIV” first being used in 1986 and “Taliban” in 1992.

Other additions show a shadowy side to sex and relationships, with “date rape drug”, “wifebeater” and “sexual predator” all emerging in recent decades.

The “Time Traveler” tool was launched by the American dictionary earlier this month.

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