Block party: London community puts its wares and colour front and centre in Saturday extravaganza.

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London’s Old East Village is trying to grab the city’s attention today with its annual garage sale and block party.

OEV Day 2017, as Saturday’s been dubbed by the Old East Village Community Association, is the combination of the Old East Village Garage Sale and the Old East Village Block Party, both running for their fifth year.

“It’s an opportunity to get people to Old East Village so they can see what it’s all about,” said Peter Strack, president of the Old East Village Community Association.

Nine-year old Jane Holman is likely one of the youngest entrepreneurs on her block today. Her lemonade stand, in its third year of operation on Dufferin Street, will donate its proceeds to Esther the Wonder Pig, a pig whose owners in Campbelllville adopted it thinking it was a micro pig – before it surprisingly grew to more than 600 pounds.

After last year’s Old East Village Garage Sale, she donated more than $200 in proceeds to the London Humane Society.

“I like helping out animals and I want every animal to have a good life,” said Holman about what’s turned into an annual fundraiser by the nine-year-old.

Another Old East Villager sure to catch the eyes of passerbys is Mark Anderson, selling homemade woodwork and ukuleles for the second year.

“They’re all solid wood. The attention to detail, the aesthetics – if you held up a $40 ukelele to this one you would immediately see that one looks like a toy and one looks like a musical instrument,” said Anderson.

Whether it’s Ontario Street, Princess Avenue, Dufferin Street or any other street in Old East Village that you’re taking a stroll down Saturday, you’re bound to see something that catches your eye at one of the more than 100 properties that signed on for a pop-up shop in the community-wide garage sale.

Londoners are invited to cruise through the neighbourhood until 2 p.m.

Earlier, at 1 p.m., the public is invited to Lorne Avenue between Quebec and Ontario streets for the start of the block party where Ward 4 Coun. Jesse Helmer and London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos will kick off the festivities.

A mix of local bands and imported talent, including the headlining The Classy Wrecks from Toronto, will perform until the festivities wrap up around 6 p.m.

“There’s been a real renaissance here over the last 10 years. OEV Day gives people an opportunity to see this neighbourhood as it continues to change and evolve,” said Strack.

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