Charles Bronson's fiancée defends plans to have a baby with violent criminal in heated interview

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The woman who is engaged to one of the UK’s most notorious violent criminals, Charles Bronson, has vehemently defended the couple’s plans to get married and have a baby.

Paula Williamson, 37, became engaged to 64-year-old Bronson in February after first writing to him in 2013 and striking up a romance.

And now the couple have announced they plan to have a baby daughter together – regardless of whether Bronson is released or not.

Serial criminal Bronson has been in jail for more than 40 years and has a record for violence in and out of prison – most recently in 2016 when he attacked a guard. 

But he has now decided he wants a child, writing in a letter to a friend that he had “always fancied a daughter” and believed he would be the “best dad in the world”.

Fiancee: Ms Williamson said she is determined to marry the man she loves (ITV)

In the heated interview on Good Morning Britain, former soap actress Ms Williamson was forced to defended the couple’s decision when Richard Madeley asked her what she was “playing at”.

“What I am doing is that I have fallen in love with a man,” she responded. “Why is that so hard to believe?”

She said the couple did not know when Bronson would be released so they are considering having IVF treatment in the meantime.

Ms Williamson, who has shared pictures of herself trying on wedding dresses for the big day, said she was attracted to the criminal because of “who he actually is inside”.

“He has been a violent criminal yeh and he is the first one to hold his hands up to that,” she explained, adding that he is also “an artist, does a lot for charity, a fitness fanatic and a very very loving person”.

She told Mr Madeley and co-presenter Ranvir Singh that she didn’t “fancy” Bronson before the pair had met but, as she got to know him, the attraction gradually blossomed.

Interview: Ms Williamson was grilled by presenters Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh

“Before I made contact with him, I thought the same as you,” she said. “I thought this is a thug… but I read a book called Broadmoor and as soon as I read it his character leapt out of there to me. I found him funny. His soul was very inspiring to me.

“He has got a heart of gold. If you were to meet him, if either of you were to sit alone with him for two hours I can pretty much guarantee that your perception of him would change.”

Mr Madeley said Bronson had written to him and his wife, Judy Finnigan, in the past and said the letters were “entertaining, intelligent and interesting” adding: “I am not painting him in one colour he is a very complex guy and part of that is he is a bad-en.

“Why would you want to have his baby?”

Ms Williamson replied: “Because I am in love with him and I am going to marry this man. I want his baby because he is my future husband.

“We are going to be married and we are going to have a happy life together, end of. This is real, I genuinely genuinely love the man.”

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