Chinese boy, 10, who ran away from home survived for a month on barbecued snake and berries

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A Chinese boy managed to survive on barbecued snake and wild berries for almost a month after running away from home.

The 10-year-old, identified only as Miao, reportedly left his home in Xuanwei, Guizhou province, on June 29 after being given a beating by his father.

Wanting to get as far away from his parents as possible, he set off for the city of Chongqing about 500 miles away.

After being reunited with his family, the boy told how he survived his time on the road in an escapade likened to a Bear Grylls programme.

He said his first night was spent alone “on a pile of wet leaves” and he did not eat for over 24 hours.

But he quickly adapted and on one occasion managed to catch a snake, which he barbecued and ate, according to news site Other times he dined on fried fish he caught from the river. 

He was able to make fire after finding a lighter, and cooked using a metal bowl he picked up on a building site and implements he fashioned from scrap, the report said.

When he could, Miao said he collected empty bottles and cartons and sold them on. 

The first eight yuan (91p) he made was spent on steamed buns and an ice lolly.

He said he spent several nights sleeping in hay barns and another time spent a night in an abandoned truck.

On one occasion he got diarrhoea after eating wild fruit, while another time he was struck down with a fever after getting soaked in the rain.

His epic journey ended on Sunday, July 23, when he was picked up some 60 miles from his home by police officers who had spotted the dishevelled child and became concerned. 

His father has promised not to beat the boy anymore.

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