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Goodbye, Lorne Avenue public school

Despite great attachment to Lorne Avenue public school, community members spoke out in support of demolition at a public participation meeting during the planning and environment committee meeting on Monday night. The city and residents did everything possible to try and save the school, residents said. City politicians unanimously supported a staff recommendation to incorporate the school’s original cast iron bell, as well as the aluminum lettering from the side of the building, into future park space on the site. “The word demolition, there’s not a lot of happiness around that, to be honest,” said Old East Village BIA manager Jen Pastorius. “But with the heritage aspects preserved…it will be really exciting to look and see what we can do moving forward.”

‘Enough is enough’

City politicians tried to take a strong stance on stench in south London after hearing from dozens of emotional residents about the persistent odour issues in their neighbourhoods. Londoners shared dozens of stories about the impact of south end composting, biogas, and waste management facilities, telling the planning and environment committee that children can no longer play outside, property values have plummeted, and residents are embarrassed of their own homes. The committee recommended that staff report back about adding odour to the city’s nuisance bylaw, and move ahead with a host of other recommendations, including funding the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s complaint system for odours to the tune of $90,000 per year for two years.

Land for Boler Mountain

Boler Mountain is one step closer to moving forward with a new, safer driveway and a multi-use pathway. The planning and environment committee unanimously supported the recommendation to change the designation and zoning of agricultural lands at 2426 Wickerson Road. That would allow for a driveway and multi-use pathway from Wickerson Road to Boler Mountain. It now goes to council for full approval.

Supervised injection sites

City politicians didn’t raise any eyebrows at the push from two London business groups to sort out the zoning rules for supervised drug injection sites – before locations have been been chosen. Downtown London and the Old East Village BIA submitted letters to the planning and environment committee, asking city staff to explicitly define supervised injection sites within the zoning bylaw. Politicians voted to support that suggestion, and Mayor Matt Brown called it “a responsible direction to go in.”

Tricar tower

Parkland and green space was a consistent concern for residents who voiced their opposition to Tricar’s proposed residential tower on York Street at a public meeting on Monday night. Neighbours at 19 King St. showed up to express their displeasure with the current plans for 32, 36 and 40 York St. and part of 330 Thames St., particularly the environmental impact. Using the lands at 330 Thames St. for the highrise was worrisome for local residents because of the potential loss of trees and green space. But that area is zoned for development, city staff said, and is not municipal land or an official park. Two options for the tower – one of which does not include 330 Thames St. – will come before council.

1 London

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