Confused BBC newsreader Tom Donkin in embarrassing on-air blunder

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A BBC newsreader has apologised after being captured frantically scurrying across set in an embarrassing on-air blunder.

BBC News viewers witnessed the awkward blooper involving news anchor Tom Donkin at the beginning of the 2am bulletin on Saturday.

It began when botched camera-work at the beginning of the broadcast appeared to confuse the presenter, prompting him to dart across the studio and out of frame

An agonising 12 seconds later, the flustered broadcaster comes back into shot – but this time takes up position in front of the wrong camera.

Blooper: Newsreader Tom Donkin dashes across set amid confusion (BBC)

Surprise flashes across his face as he realises his mistake, before the experienced journalist turns to viewers and quickly composes himself before delivering an update on Hurricane Irma.

Social media users were quick to express their glee at Mr Donkin’s misfortune, with one tweeting: “wonderful car crash opening to BBC World News just now. Pick a camera, any camera”.

But Mr Donkin, a BBC World journalist of six years, took the ribbing in his stride and apologised for the mistake.

Responding to one user, he joked: “Thanks for tuning in apart from some haywire cameras and lost guest – all went swimmingly!”

And replying to another, he added: “Thanks for tuning in – sorry for the wayward cameras.”

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