Daily Stormer hack: 'Anonymous' group take control of far-right website after vile Heather Heyer post

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Neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer has been taken over by hackers after it published vile abusive posts about a young anti-fascist protester killed in Charlottesville.

A new post to the site, thought to be under the control of hacking network Anonymous, was titled: “End of hate: Anonymous now in control of Daily Stormer.”

The Daily Stormer, which has sections called “Jewish problem” and “Race war”, is a white supremacist portal founded and run by Andrew Anglin, an American-born supporter of Donald Trump.

Mr Anglin published an article to the website on Sunday headlined: “Heather Heyer: woman killed in road rage incident was a fat, childless 32-year-old sl**.” 

Ms Heyer, a 32-year-old legal assistant, died when a vehicle ploughed into a group of activists who were staging a counter-protest to a far-right rally.

She was a long-time champion for civil rights issues on social media and her Facebook page read: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

Heather Heyer, 32, was a longtime civil rights campaigner

The message posted to the Daily Stormer, allegedly by Anonymous hackers, read: “We have taken this site in the name of Heather Heyer a victim of white supremacist terrorism.

“For too long the Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin have spewed their putrid hate on this site.

“That will not be happening any more.”

It said it had harvested data from the site’s servers, to be released “when we feel the time is right”, and claimed hackers had found Mr Anglin’s location, said to be in Lagos, Nigeria, and would pay him a visit “in person”.

“This evil cannot be allowed to stand … We want you Nazis to know your time is short.

“We will allow the site to remain online for 24 hours so the world can witness the hate.

“Then we will shut it down permanently.”

It concluded: “Hackers of the world have united in defense of the Jewish people.

“You should have expected us.”

The Daily Stormer has published several articles about the incident in Charlottesville in which Ms Heyer was mowed down and killed as she stood protesting against a far-right rally.

Although the person charged with her murder, 20-year-old James Field from Ohio, was seen on Saturday with a group of neo-Nazis and holding a shield bearing a far-right emblem, the Daily Stormer’s posts claimed Mr Fields was not connected with the far-right group Vanguard.

In a series of offensive comments, it also called Ms Heyer “a drain on society” and praised her alleged killer Mr Fields as “a hardcore player” with a “cool demeanour” who was simply overcome by road rage.

Domain provider GoDaddy, which hosts the Daily Stormer, meanwhile said in a tweet it has told the white supremacist site to find a new home.

“We informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service,” it said.

Anonymous is a loosely associated worldwide group of vigilante-style hacktivists that evolved from posts on the forum 4Chan. 

It is thought to have been behind cyber-attacks on ISIS sites, child pornographers and Westboro Baptist Church as well as corporations such as PayPal and Sony.

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