Dhinchak Pooja: Indian YouTube star's videos disappear from the web amid feverish speculation

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The mystery disappearance of an Indian Youtube star’s videos has sparked intense speculation as to what happened to them.

Dhinchak Pooja, an online sensation whose videos have been viewed tens of millions of times, is known in India for singing songs characterised by repetitive lyrics and off-key vocals.

Fans say her “cringeworthy” work is “so bad it’s good”, while detractors claim she is simply talentless. 

Her hit Selfie Maine Leli Aaj (I have taken a selfie today), which accrued 20 million hits, is among the videos now missing.

It features the singer driving a car and taking selfies at tourist sights accompanied by four awkward male backing dancers.

Regardless of quality, it is not yet clear why all but one of Dhinchak Pooka’s Youtube clips were removed from her channel this week.

Some Indian media reported that the clips were taken down after a copyright complaint, but this has not been confirmed.

Others said her videos were being investigated after she rode a bike in one of them without a helmet – but this seems unlikely since the one remaining video on her channel, Dilon Ka Shooter (On public demand) shows her riding a scooter helmetless.

Some Twitter users celebrated the disappearance of Ms Pooja’s music from the channel.

Ms Pooja has been compared to viral internet sensation Taher Shah as well as US Youtuber Rebecca Black, who shot to fame with her 2011 song Friday.

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