Duchess of Cambridge forced to miss Prince George's first day at school due to crippling morning sickness

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The Duchess of Cambridge will miss Prince George mark a major childhood milestone today as her crippling morning sickness has forced her to pull out of accompanying him on his first day of primary school.

The four-year-old will start at Thomas’s Battersea this morning – a £17k-a-year independent school in south-west London.

The Duchess, who is 12 weeks pregnant, was due to accompany her son and the Duke to the school gates.

But on Thursday morning Kensington Palace confirmed the Prince would only be accompanied by his father, William.

Baby news: The couple are expecting their third child (Getty Images)

The palace tweeted: “Prince George will this morning attend his first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea, accompanied by his father The Duke of Cambridge.”

Kate was forced to miss engagements on Monday and Tuesday after the palace revealed she was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum – as with her two other pregnancies.

Prince George: The four-year-old starts school today (Getty Images)

George and his father are due to be greeted by Helen Haslem, head of lower school, when they arrive at the school before being escorted to his reception classroom.

The prince, thought to be one of the youngest in his year, is expected to have a gentle introduction to what is likely to be a tiring first term at school.

School: Kate said she does not think George knows what ‘is going to hit him’ during his first year at school (PA)

Kate has already said she is not sure her son “has any idea what’s going to hit him” when he starts school.

Along with his classmates, he will spend his first day getting to know teachers, adults and other children as well as completing the important task of finding his classroom peg.

Royals: The couple have two children, Princess Charlotte, 2, and Prince George, 4

George will be dressed in a smart new uniform, comprising a navy v-neck pullover, matching Bermuda-style shorts, long red socks and black shoes.

On Tuesday, a day after it was announced they are expecting their third child, William said Kate was well but admitted: “There’s not much sleep going on at the moment.”

Kate: The Duchess was struck with severe morning sickness during both her previous pregnancies (Getty Images)

He said: “We need Catherine to get over this first bit and then we can start celebrating. It’s always a bit anxious to start with, but she’s well.”

After leaving George on Thursday, the Duke will host a reception for the England Under-20 football team at Kensington Palace.

10 things to know about Prince George’s new school:

1. Fees at Thomas’s Battersea cost £17,604 a year and increase in year 3. If George stays at the selective establishment throughout, until the end of Year 8 when he turns 13, the total cost will be £172,116.

2. The school’s most important rule is “Be kind”. It expects its pupils “not just to tolerate but to celebrate difference, including faith, beliefs and culture”.

3. The school also teaches leadership. “We aim to equip our pupils to lead by example; to be prepared to stand out from the crowd; to be the first to respond to someone in need; to stand up for what they believe to be right; to risk making an unpopular decision, if they believe it to be for the greater good,” it says.

4. It has also reportedly discouraged pupils from having best friends, in order to stop others from having their feelings hurt.

5. George will enjoy small class sizes of about 20 pupils. The average class size for primary schools in England is around 27 children.

6. The Prince will be learning ballet – along with French, art, drama, ICT and music, as well as the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

7. Uniform is compulsory, including smart, pulled up red socks and navy bermuda shorts.

8. George must have a red art smock, which costs from £30, a swim hat and a PE kit.

9. Parents are advised to register their child soon after birth to be in with a chance of going to the oversubscribed school. Wannabe reception pupils are given an entrance assessment before being offered a place.

10. The school dinners are often organic. Previous menu choices range from freshly baked courgette, halloumi and beetroot layer slice, to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified pangasius, leek and spring onion risotto, and oven baked beef meatballs with cannellini beans in a tomato and basil sauce with grated organic cheese and fresh crudities and steamed 50/50 brown and white rice.

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