E&E McLaughlin Ltd. eyes restaurants, stores, homes, offices and hotel on Dundas Street location

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Plans are in for the former Kellogg plant, and they are ambitious.

Owners of the massive former cereal plant on Dundas Street, just west of Highbury Avenue, see the sprawling industrial site one day housing everything from industry to offices, a rock climbing facility, a hotel and homes.

Coun. Jesse Helmer released links to the planning document on his website, showing the owners E&E McLaughlin Ltd. of Tillsonburg want to create a main street commercial corridor-style development as the core of the project.

“The proposed applications will allow for the adaptive reuse of the existing buildings in an efficient manner and maintain the built form that has been long established in the community, while accommodating uses that are compatible with the surrounding areas,” a city report says.

The plant is spread over nine hectares and includes 93,000 square metres of office and industrial space.

“It is proposed that a wide range of main street-style uses, such as restaurants, retail, personal service, commercial schools, and upper floor residential be permitted,” the report states.

“These portions of the lands are envisioned to be a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented, main street-style area with a range of small- to medium-scale commercial uses on the ground floor, with other uses such as offices, commercial schools and/or residential on the upper floors,” with potential for a hotel, it continues.

The Kellogg plant opened in London in 1907 and was closed in December 2014, throwing nearly 500 out of work.

Other areas on site could be used for light industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing. Two warehousing logistics businesses are up and running now.

One building that is 33 metres high may be used for recreation .

“An indoor rock climbing gym can make excellent use of the interior building height ,” Helmer said.

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