Grenfell Tower survivors bombarded with vile abuse after being offered free holidays

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Families who survived the Grenfell Tower inferno have become the target of vile online abuse after they were offered free trips to the seaside.

People left homeless in the wake of the huge fire which ripped through the 24-storey tower block in west London leaving 80 people dead have been offered days out and trips away to help them recover from the horror.

However, online trolls slammed the kind gesture, organised by Facebook group, Grenfell Tower Holiday appeal.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Right.. I’m burning my house down tonight. I’m in need of a holiday and new house and even some cash.”

Another added: “Why are the Grenfell tower residents getting a free holiday? Who’s paying? I don’t recall any of the Somerset flood victims getting anything.”

One man said: “#grenfell I didn’t get a free holiday when I had a home fire. This is getting totally out of hand.”

Others made cruel jokes about the offer, with one comparing the devastating inferno to Yeovil Town offering to refund fans following a 8 – 2 defeat by Luton Town.

“The government will probably give them all a free holiday….they can go with the Grenfell families,” one Twitter user said of the story.

Another woman wrote: “Next door’s dog has just killed one of my hens and I’m heartbroken. Can I go? I need cheering up.”

It came as a survivor of the blaze, known only as Lilian, told the BBC that former residents now felt “scared” to admit they were from the tower because of the abuse people have suffered.

Lilian, who escaped from the 10th floor of the block, begged trolls to “stop with the abuse”.

She told the BBC: “It’s scary. I feel scared to tell anybody I’m from the tower now because you don’t know what their reaction will be.

“It’s people thinking we’re having a free ride. It’s people thinking we’re taking advantage. It’s people thinking ‘this person doesn’t deserve to speak up’ just because you’re from Grenfell.”

Others slammed the abusers with one person posting on Twitter: “Imagine moaning about the victims of Grenfell Tower getting a free holiday. The state of you.”

Jonny Ellis added: “Some people are honestly p***** the children survivors of Grenfell are getting a free holiday? Imagine being that much of a c***.”

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