'I remember everything but I'm OK with it': Journalist who was stabbed in neck in London Bridge terror describes confronting attacker

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A journalist and martial arts expert who was stabbed in the neck in the London Bridge terror attack said police and doctors averted a bigger tragedy.

Geoff Ho was in the Black & Blue restaurant when the terrorists attacked and he stood up to their ringleader Khuram Butt.

The kung fu and Thai kickboxing expert described afterwards how he acted to shield his friends, saying: “It happened so quickly.

“The b****** in the Arsenal shirt came at me first. I think I got a hit in on one of them, but either he or his accomplice got me with a shot to the throat.”

Today, three months on, he described how he had almost fully recovered despite being stabbed in the throat, which severed his Adam’s apple, and suffering a slash wound to the jaw.

Geoff Ho was injured trying to fend off attackers at London Bridge

He said: “I am pretty damned good really. All my friends who were at Borough Market are safe and the bad guys are dead.”

Mr Ho, the business editor of the Sunday Express, spent two months in hospital but has since returned to work — his first day out of hospital was spent visiting the scene of the attack in Borough Market.

He said: “I remember everything from the night to the last detail, I still remember that bastard in the Arsenal shirt coming towards me and that is going to be with me forever but I am okay with it.

“I have got wonderful friends and a wonderful family and partner and loving support.”

He added: “I am glad the people who did this are dead. I hate the fact that those bastards besmirched the good name of a religion… They are not Muslims, they are sick in the head.”

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