'I've got a bad back', says man dubbed Britain's laziest traffic warden

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A London traffic warden dubbed “the UK’s laziest” after being photographed taking a rest on the job several times said today that the criticism was unfair and insisted: “I have a bad back.”

The warden, who patrols the Pimlico area, has been pictured resting on a bus stop bench, sitting on a bike rack and leaning against a wall and lamp-post to read his handheld ticketing device.

He was also accused of spending almost two hours in Subway, in Upper Tachbrook Street, on two occasions, despite only being allowed one hour for lunch. It led The Sun to ask: “Is this UK’s laziest traffic warden?”

Today the man said he has been to see a doctor several times about his back, which means he sometimes has to sit down. 

‘Bad back’: the warden leans on a lamppost for support (Dan Charity/The Sun)

The Westminster council employee, who did not wish to give his name, told the Standard: “I have a back problem so I sometimes need to sit down.

“I have a back problem where I get this big ball of pain and sometimes it goes down to my leg. I have been to the doctor several times. It’s very unfair to say this [that I’m lazy].”

Pause: the warden in London today (David Churchill)

The warden, who was reportedly seen entering Subway on Tuesday at 3.46pm and not leaving until 5.39pm, insisted he had spent only an hour in the shop. He was further seen yesterday going in at 11.34am and leaving at 12.07pm before returning at 2.54pm until 4.43pm, according to reports. He said: “I didn’t go in Subway for two hours… when I work I sit a little bit and then move on. I took my lunch and went straight out, this is not true.

“I have medication and I need to eat everyday with it so I took my lunch [in Subway] but only for an hour.” Responding to claims from locals that he was spotted using his phone on the job, he said: “No, no, that’s the device for issuing tickets. I finished issuing a ticket so that’s why I am looking at the screen. That’s not my phone it’s a device we use for tickets.”

After the pictures emerged, a source said: “The guy walks around a bit checking cars but quickly needs a rest. It’s all right for some.” Westminster council last year made a UK-high of £55.9 million from parking fines. It said: “Our marshals are given handheld devices that look similar to a phone. We can use the devices’ data to regularly monitor their performance. We take any complaints seriously and will fully investigate the matter.”

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