Jeremy Corbyn pledges action on housing and rail fares during election tour

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Jeremy Corbyn is touring Home Counties with a pledge to tackle the housing crisis as he plans to knock Tory MPs off their marginal parliamentary seats. 

The Labour leader will be setting out plans in Reading and Milton Keynes as he tours the country to keep his party on a general election footing.

At the rally in Milton Keynes, Mr Corbyn will be highlighting sky-rocketing house prices and attack the Government for “giving tax breaks to the wealthy.”

He is expected to say: “The Conservative Government has spent seven years giving tax breaks to the wealthy, who don’t need them, while making it harder for most people in our country to make ends meet. 

“Here in Milton Keynes, like so many towns and cities across the country, the cost of housing is sky-rocketing – house prices have gone up 50 per cent in five years.

Crisis: Milton Keynes has seen a 50 per cent rise in house prices in five years (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

“The next Labour government will tackle the housing crisis. 

“Housing should be about homes for the many, not investment opportunities for the few.”

Mr Corbyn will also be addressing the £10 “real” living wage, public sector pay cap and lowering rail fare prices. 

A 12-month season ticket from Milton Keynes to London currently costs commuters £5,028.

“Commuters from Milton Keynes to London have seen rail fares increasing faster than their wages year in, year out.

“Labour will bring down fares by returning our rail system to public ownership, putting more money in people’s pockets and making sure our railways are run in the interests of people, not profit.

“The Government has no plan to help people struggling to get by. 

“The price of everyday goods keeps going up faster than wages.”

Labour is promising to scrap the public sector pay cap and to take action to slash utility bills to keep household costs down. 

It comes as Theresa May was heavily criticised last month after British Gas hit millions of households with a price hike – something the Conservatives promised in their manifesto wouldn’t happen if they won the General Election.

Mr Corbyn is spending the summer campaigning around the country with the hope of unseating Tory MPs with slim majorities in Reading and Milton Keynes.

The Conservatives held Reading West with a majority of 2,876 and Milton Keynes North with 1,915 votes.

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