Letters to the editor: Aug. 11

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River must be respected

At london.ca, Londoners can let council know what actions we want taken regarding the Thames River. I want the recognition that the Thames is not our river, but belongs to all who live downstream, including every human, bird, mammal, fish and invertebrate.

The survey called the One River Environmental Assessment includes the question: “How could the river be improved?” My response is to remove Springbank Dam. Recreational dams are an outdated idea, a kind of human arrogance inflicted on the natural world. Instead, we need to keep improving the sewage system as quickly as possible to ensure no raw sewage enters the river. This is our responsibility. The Thames needs to be protected, not made to serve us.

Vicki Van Linden


Trump is our business

In her Aug. 10 letter Mind your own business, Marg Schram suggests Canadians not criticize Donald Trump. But Trump is our business. He is the most powerful person in the world and his dangerous incompetence has a global impact.

Graham Broad


Dam decision obvious

Regarding the letter Not so open on dam (Aug 10).

What’s to decide? The city conducted an environment assessment, budgeted and completed the rehabilitation of Springbank Dam. Three of the four gates work. The city successfully sued for damages for the one that doesn’t. The money to fix the fourth gate is there. So council, get on with it. Give London its recreational Thames River back.

JD Steel


Small business suffers

First Ontario is boosting minimum wage over 30 per cent in less than 18 months. Now the federal government is toying with closing corporate tax loopholes that helped small businesses through incorporation.

I would ask the premier and prime minister if they ever were self-employed and put their own sweat and money into a dream?

The reason a business incorporates is to grow and invest in the future and in retirement.

Ken Faust


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