Letters to the editor: Aug. 15

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Drivers selfish, reckless

This letter is to the 17 per cent who responded “no” to the Free Press poll question asking, “Do you slow down for yellow traffic lights?”

When you speed up and shoot through a yellow light or, worse, go through a red light, you are putting everyone on the road at risk. It is reckless and beyond selfish.

Just this week one of my neighbours was hit while turning left on a green light. He thought he was taking the “safe” way. A woman barrelled through the red light. His car was totalled and he suffered multiple fractures. A few years ago my friend was also hit by someone going through a red light. She suffered neck injuries that still pain her. Sadly, both perpetrators walked away with no consequences for their actions.

Preventable accidents are happening again and again. Take your eyes off your phone, keep them on the road, drive sober, and think about someone other than yourself.

Susan Ross


Laughable demand

I laughed while reading the article Emco moves east to expand (Aug. 12). The requirements included “a site plan that incorporates high-quality urban design features that recognize the prominent gateway location of the site,” that prominent location being at Veterans Memorial Parkway and Oxford.

This is the very same location for the ill-conceived “Stonehenge” that seems never exposed to any landscaping. This is another case of city hall mandating, “Do as we say, not as we do.”

Dave Mathers

St. Thomas 

Paltry penalty

Regarding the article Rink violence ruled out (Aug. 14).

Somehow 90 days of house arrest and two years of probation does not equate to the damages done to Doug Gardner and his family by the two-handed slash to his head by the goalie in a game of recreational hockey. Anywhere else it would be blatant assault with intent to injure.

If such actions are in fact “inappropriate,” even by hockey’s lax, bizarre code of combat, then why are they not treated as such? If this is the judge’s definition of coming down hard on violence on the ice, I fear for our kids. Must someone die before they try to prevent such acts with more meaningful penalties?

Walt Cherwaty


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