Letters to the editor: Aug. 16

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Majors games worth it

I have been watching the London Majors for more than 65 years. They always represented London very well. The problem is they only get 300 to 400 people out to see the games, while the London Knights get a full house every game. The only time the Majors get a full house is when it’s free admission to the game. Come on, London, wake up.

Bob Quantrill


Curb hockey violence

Regarding Walt Cherwaty’s Aug. 15 letter Paltry penalty on the article Rink violence ruled out.

I agree and feel there needs to be a meeting of all area recreational hockey leagues to make sure violence like this doesn’t happen in a recreational league. Everyone should remember, recreational hockey is for fun and we should not take this game too seriously, which some people do sometimes.

Paul Augustine


Focus on homeless

London has been my home for 51 of my 84 years, but it’s becoming a strained relationship. I am confused with so many changes.

Nevertheless, I believe London could become a unique city if it worked on eradicating the poverty and rampant homelessness.

The costs of renting any form of accommodation have risen drastically and unless it suddenly improves, I’m afraid we’ll be seeing more homeless people.

Begging on the streets shouldn’t have to be the norm for any one of our citizens. Let’s work harder at making it a truly caring community, and become the city I’d love to see it be.

Victoria Stirling


Only one is crazy

Regarding Shannon Gormley’s column Who’s crazier, Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un? (Aug. 15):

Kim Jong-un is not crazy. He knows what he is doing. He wants to unify Korea under his rule and trying to neutralize the U.S. to prevent its assistance to South Korea. In short, complete his grandfather’s dream.

John Timar

Bright’s Grove 

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