Letters to the Editor: Aug. 25

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EQAO results sub-par

The EQAO literacy results indicated a 44 per cent “pass” rate among those students who were in the Grade 10 applied course.

The results are apparently acceptable since EQAO chief executive Norah Marsh says, “The results of this year’s (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) are positive overall . . .”

Does this indicate an elitist, biased opinion based on the attitude that test results of those in the applied course do not matter?

If you are the parent of a student enrolled in an applied course, you should be concerned.

To say these results for applied course students “show the need for further reflection and action” is a glib understatement.

Bud Jackson


— — —

Open doors and minds

There ought to be a Sunday School for grown-ups — not in a preaching sense but rather in a community sense. We can’t be proud of being multicultural when we know very little about our next-door neighbours.

Ignorance is not bliss. It’s dangerous.

We need to open doors for open, curious and perhaps timid minds. We need to commit to learning about our neighbours. This type of education has skipped generations and we are suffering for it.

We need a place where we can gather together and sit back and let the information wash over us — no debates, no outbursts, no ego. Just listening. It would be a true test of self control and respect.

We are, each of us, just a tiny fragment of the community in which we live.

Jan Mishriky


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Keep protesters apart

Two different rallies have been planned for London on Saturday. There is nothing wrong with people expressing their views. But why do the two opposing groups want their rallies on the same day? The city could give permits for one group on Saturday and for the other group on Sunday.

Canada is a multicultural country and people are very tolerant to different groups. We all are mature enough to discuss and demonstrate our opinions as responsible citizens in a peaceful way. To avoid any conflict, we should have these rallies in two different days.

George Cherian


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