Letters to the Editor: Aug. 3

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Be ready to stop

In response to the letter Fix bumpy crossings (Aug. 2), I would like to point out the red and white railway crossbuck carries the same weight as a yield sign.

You are to approach all railway crossings prepared to stop, whether flashing lights and/or gates are working or not. Sometimes they fail. A railway crossing is just like any other intersection except the railway always has the right of way. Whether or not the crossings are bumpy is no excuse to mindlessly drive over them without being prepared to stop, and looking both ways.

Otherwise you are only asking for a sad outcome.

Check with Operation Life Saver and you might find a few more facts concerning rail safety. Take this as well-meaning life-saving advice from a retired railroader.

Ward Burr


— — —

Cousin’s care fell short

Regarding the article Critics slam care home’s plan to shed London beds (July 28).

Meadow Park Long Term Care home director Judy Maltais says the needs of people seeking long-term care in London are being “adequately met.”

My cousin lived at Meadow Park. After a fall, he needed surgery at University Hospital. He lost his bed at Meadow Park because his hospital stay exceeded the accepted one-month absence by one week, and Meadow Park wouldn’t take him back.

He lived at University Hospital for more than eight months because there were no beds available in any home. There were 11 others there waiting as well, all taking up hospital beds. Imagine how many beds at the larger Victoria Hospital are being held by people waiting for long-term care.

Does Maltais really find this acceptable?

Wendy Morrison


— — —

Where was Trudeau?

The online article War memorial unveiled in hometown of Afghan mission’s last Canadian casualty (July 30) is a stark reminder that we are still at war in the Middle East.

But there was one individual missing from the ceremony: our prime minister. While Master Cpl. Byron Greff’s family has only memories and a gravestone as a symbol of their sacrifice, convicted murderer and terrorist Omar Khadr basks in the sunshine with $10 million in the bank.

John Kenney

Port Stanley

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