Letters to the editor: July 18

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Rogers’ lack of care

Regarding the article Couple fit to be tied by cable tangle (July 15).

I commend the Stanfords for bringing this practice the attention it needs. I have had a Rogers cable across my patio for about 2½ years. I’d cut it, but my neighbour needs internet for work.

South London is littered with “temporary service” wires. This shows the lack of care for our community of those responsible.

Start fining those companies. The companies responsible make a profit. Spend some on hiring summer students and get this resolved .

Bill Pollard


Support the market

Some recent letters have bemoaned the lack of a grocery store downtown. Some have even implied it is the responsibility of city council to put one there.

I wonder how many of the people writing these letters live downtown? I do and have for a decade. I get what I need at the Covent Garden Market, the farmers’ market and a couple of downtown drug stores. It’s rare I need to go much beyond the core for groceries and other household items.

Yes, in some cases I pay a bit more, but not nearly as much as if I shopped at some of the boutique grocery stores popping up in the big box plazas.

Anyway, I vote with my dollar not just for the things I want but for the kind of community I want. That community includes a vibrant downtown market.

Graham Broad


No tent city for homeless

Regarding the article Move along, Sunny (July 17).

I have seen the makeshift shelter in question. It has grown from two carts to quite a large area, including a table, chair and umbrella area, all on city property. The sidewalk used by taxpayers is parallel to the area. It is a sad situation, however the police and bylaw officers were justified to remove all of this man’s belongings to resolve this and the safety issue to the public and to Sunny. We don’t want our city becoming a “tent city” for the homeless.

I don’t know what the answer is to resolve situations like this, but continuing to allow Sunny to live there is not the answer.

Susan Simpson


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