Letters to the editor: July 19

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Library should offer hours on Sundays

Why is it that in a city like London we cannot access a public library on a Sunday, when most people have only weekends as their days off from work? A much-smaller city like Woodstock is able to provide some Sunday hours with part-time staff. Surely we have retired or unemployed librarians who would jump at the opportunity?

And how many times do we forget all branches but Central are closed on Mondays, as we search for some reading material?

Marilyn Johnson


Toss Sears bosses over retention bonuses

Regarding the article Thousands laid off while select staff to get $9.2M in bonuses (July 15).

I cannot believe Sears is rewarding a management team for putting their organization in a bankruptcy position. The people who did the work faithfully, at the orders of the management team, stand to get no severance and are not responsible for the position that Sears is in.

Why would you want a team back that are responsible for losing you money? If you are a shareholder, show your guts and toss them. Give the severances to those who deserve them, toss the decision-makers to the curb and start over.

Les MacNeill


Goldstein has a fan

In reference John Wilmott’s letter Half-truths abound (July 17).

I find the columns from Lorrie Goldstein to be articulate and thought-provoking. He seems to speak more for the ordinary person and the silent majority.

A recent poll showed the vast majority disagreed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government regarding the tax-free payout to Omar Khadr. Trudeau preaches transparency and the need for equality for all Canadians.

This deal was done in secret and no one is sure of the exact amount. So much for honesty and transparency. Wilmott may agree with this, but he is in the minority.

I look forward to Goldstein’s columns. Keep up the good work!

Keith Patey


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