Letters to the editor: July 20

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We need cursive writing

I think the newspaper should do an article on how they don’t teach cursive writing in the schools any more.

Our children can’t print, write or sign their names. It is sad that I just had a new hire (just graduated from Grade 12) fill out an employee-information sheet, and it was illegible. I remember when my stepson was in Grade 8 (he is now 27), I expressed my concerns to the teachers about the importance of cursive writing. At the time, I was told it would not be important in the future.

Now you can see the result of the decision to remove cursive writing.

Rebecca Blanchard

St. Thomas

Farms were there first

Regarding the article Halal abattoir makes the cut (July 18).

I feel sorry for the Lambeth residents who will be living and subjected to the halal abattoir that is planned for their area. However, as with the majority of subdivisions in and around London, this one was built on farmland and orchards. So, whoever at the former Westminster township hall issued the building permits to the contractors was aware that this was farmland.

Genevieve Grech


Good drivers don’t speed

Regarding the article ‘It’s just too frequent’ (July 18)

The death of Jake Timmerman is tragic. I’m a motorcyclist, too. However, please don’t try to convince me that he was a good driver. Good drivers don’t speed down city streets and shatter utility poles at 1:40 a.m. or any other time of day.

Doug Morrow


Wage has an impact

Did the Ontario Liberal government not consider the pros and cons of increasing the minimum wage? The increase is good for employees, but some employers are cutting back on employee hours and considering layoffs and not hiring. Some are even considering raising the prices of their wares and food.

Is this an election ploy?

Gary Oswald


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