Letters to the editor: July 21

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Politics created jobs

Some citizens of Tillsonburg were reported to have said it isn’t right that people are losing their jobs at the Siemens turbine blade factory due to politics. I agree. Nor is it right that people are given jobs due to politics.

The “green energy policy” of the Liberal government has been misguided from the start.

Ontario’s citizens need to know that, whenever dreams become public policy, money will be wasted and people’s lives will be shattered needlessly.

Jim Black


Do the opposite

Regarding the articles Why wasn’t licence stripped? (July 20) and Bridge rebuild a pain for ‘long-term gain’ (July 13).

Strange that the city can’t, or is unwilling to, stop a strip club and all the evils that come with it, from opening in London East, but can kick an elderly lady out of her home at Stanley Street and Wharncliffe Road to widen a bridge.

Angus McIntosh


Cursive still useful

Regarding the letter We need cursive writing (July 20).

As a retired teacher and a volunteer in a Florida school where we spend our winters, I agree with the letter.

I assisted a Spanish child with her English by becoming pen pals. After my first letter she said she could not read my “funny writing” but she would like to learn. Not only did she learn to read cursive but she also learned to write it.

Another teacher said “I know that it is not on the curriculum but I think they need to know how to write cursive so I am teaching it.”

What is happening to our education system? No cursive writing, no or little grammar, and what is happening to spelling?

Students pay at Western University to learn basic grammar that used to be taught in Grades 4 and above.

It is pathetic when young people cannot fill out an job application, prospective employees cannot read what they do write, and employees are frustrated by the lack of basics of their staff. Let’s put some pressure on our Ontario government officials in charge of education to get back to the basics.

Carolyn Cameron


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