Letters to the editor: July 25

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Flats devalue homes

Regarding the article Go-time or no time for campus-area granny flats (July 24), I ask council to please look at all the ways secondary housing units will impact neighbours.

Aside from noise, parking and congestion, the big one is property devaluation. When you buy a home in a single-family zone with no allowance for secondary units, you pay a premium for that zoning protection. If zoning can be changed that easily, why have zoning at all? Let’s go back to the days when we constructed a moat around our home and let everyone else fend for themselves.

Walter Lonc


Botched plan kills plant

In reply to the article Black Day for Green Energy (July 19).

The news of the industrial wind turbine blade plant closing in Tillsonburg is another example of the Ontario government’s botched green-energy policy. The Tillsonburg employees are victims.

There is no need for wind power in the province of Ontario. There never was. It’s just a figment of political expediency. Finally, the government has caught on, decided this should stop, and now a plant built on artificial demand will close.

Jennifer Morris


Mourners need support

The article Biker group mourns fallen rider (July 18) reports on the motorcycle crash that killed Jake Timmerman, 17. Jake was an intelligent, happy, genuine, well-loved young man. In the article, police indicate “speed was a factor” and this has allowed many individuals to make assumptions about this young man’s death by making baseless, hurtful comments.

This accident was not because of driver error. This accident was caused by a mechanical issue with the bike that caused it to accelerate uncontrollably. He tried braking and when that didn’t work he tried to dump the bike on the grass because that is what he was taught to do, but lost control and was tragically killed. This was what this young man’s father told me.

His friends and family are devastated and they don’t need to hear your stupid assumptions and disrespectful remarks, which do nothing but hurt and anger them. They need your love and support.

Greg Cook


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