Liberals reveal Ontario’s pot rules

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Premier Mom is laying down the new pot rules.

The Kathleen Wynne government, in a document officially titled ‘Ontario’s Safe and Sensible Framework to Federal Cannabis Legislation,’ outlines the way legalized recreational marijuana will be sold in the province, and it’s similar to the booze monopoly.

You will have to be at least 19 years of age to purchase marijuana; you cannot possess marijuana if under 18.

You must buy from an LCBO-controlled outlet — one of up to 80 stores in all of Ontario, or from an online channel that will deliver to the door, provided someone can sign for the product.

You cannot buy edible marijuana products, like pot-laced candy, but can make your own.

You cannot buy pot and alcohol together in one LCBO store.

You will only be able to use recreational cannabis in private residences — not in any public space, workplace or motorized vehicle.

“Illegal” pot dispensaries remain illegal.

“We’ve heard people across Ontario are anxious about the federal legislation of cannabis,” Attorney General Yasir Naqvi said in a statement Friday. “The province is moving forward with a safe and sensible approach to legalization that will ensure we can keep our communities and roads safe, promote public health and harm reduction, and protect Ontario’s people.”

The Justin Trudeau government will legalize marijuana by next July.

Ontario intends to launch 80 pot stores over the first year and up to 150 stores by 2020, according to the government.

Most of the first stores will be located where most “illegal” pot dispensaries are located.

The pot sales are expected to cover the cost of setting up a new section of the LCBO to sell the product.

Ontario has agreed with the federal government on legal possession limits — up to 30 grams for an adult and up to five grams for a youth.

The big question — how much the government intends to charge for the product — has yet to be answered but it’s expected that taxes will be high.

No municipality has yet to indicate to the province that it does not want a pot store.


— The approach is modeled on the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which regulates the sale of alcohol throughout the province

— The proposed minimum age to use, purchase and possess recreational cannabis in Ontario will be 19, the same as the current minimum age for alcohol

— The use of recreational marijuana will be prohibited in public places and workplaces.

— The LCBO will oversee the legal retail of cannabis in Ontario through new stand-alone cannabis stores and an online order service.

— LCBO stores selling cannabis won’t be selling alcohol

— Approximately 150 stand-alone stores will be opened by 2020, including 40 in July 2018, servicing all regions of the province.

— Online distribution will be available across Ontario from July 2018 onward through a site run by the LCBO

— Illicit cannabis dispensaries are not and will not be legal retailers. The province will pursue an enforcement strategy, working with municipalities, local police services, the OPP and the federal government to help shut them down

— Ontario will prohibit individuals under the age of 19 from possessing or consuming recreational cannabis, which will allow police to confiscate small amounts of cannabis from young people. The province’s approach to protecting youth will focus on prevention, diversion, and harm reduction without unnecessarily bringing them into contact with the justice system.

— Pricing and taxation decisions will come at a later date

— Legislation regulating the control of marijuana will be introduced in the fall  


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