London area MPs chose different priorities when doling out cash for political expenses

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One London MP’s advertising expenses more than triples another. That means you might have seen him around.

Peter Fragiskatos, the Liberal MP for London North Centre, topped the city’s MPs in advertising spending during the last fiscal year, with $34,646 going toward self-promotion from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.

Fragiskatos said advertising spending was to increase public knowledge of how to contact their MP and to engage more constituents.

“I thought that we had to be accessible, open, and get the message out there that I was available to see people, hear them out and to really be an MP that wants to really genuinely engage with constituents,” said Fragiskatos.

Fragiskatos’ ads are on bus shelters and buses and were found at London Knights and London Lightning games.

“I want to be the MP that is reaching out to as many people as possible for one expressed purpose and that is so they know if they need help or if they have any questions, I’m there for them,” Fragiskatos said.

Irene Mathyssen, New Democrat MP of London-Fanshawe, who overall spent the most of London’s MPs, $469,906 according to the Members’ Expenditures Report for the last fiscal year, spent only $9,173 on advertising, the least of the four MPs representing the city.

She said low advertising costs allow her to pay her employees more.

“I pay a decent living wage so that my staffers are able to raise family and not be financially distressed,” said Mathyssen.

Mathyssen paid her five employees $302,485 last year, the most in that category of London’s MPs.

Mathyssen also spent the most on travel expenses among London MPs, totalling $91,786 last year. She said this cost allows her London staff to stay put with their families when she travels to Ottawa and other destinations.

Conservative Karen Vecchio, MP of Elgin-Middlesex-London, spent the least of London MPs last year, with total expenses of $430,519.

She was also apparently the most generous, spending a combined $9,900 on hospitality — food, drink, and event related expenses — and gifts. The other three London MPs, Mathyssen, Fragiskatos and Kate Young, Liberal MP of London West, spent less than half that total on gifts and hospitality combined.

Vecchio was the only MP in London who managed to spend below the national average of her party’s MPs. She spent $4,710 less than the average Tory MP. Fragiskatos and Young spent $35,285 and $26,947 more than the average Liberal MP, which was the party that spent the least on average in the country. Mathyssen spent $27,208 more than the average New Democrat. NDP MPs were the least frugal.

— — —


Total MP expenses

Irene Mathyssen: $469,606

Peter Fragiskatos: $440,437

Kate Young: $432,100

Karen Vecchio: $430,519

— — —


Employees’ salaries: Mathyssen, $302,485

Service contracts: Young, $26,596

Travel: Mathyssen, $91,786

Hospitality: Vecchio, $5,301

Gifts: Vecchio, $4,599

Advertising: Fragiskatos, $34,646

Printing: Young, $19,737

Office expenses: Young, $58,597

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