London Transit to roll out service changes to routes on Sept. 3

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Hold on to those grab bars, London, there are service changes coming to London Transit buses on Sept. 3.

Kelly Paleczny, general manager at the London Transit Commission, said the LTC will add 20,000 hours of service to various routes in the city.

The changes come after feedback from passengers and operators as the LTC implements a five-year plan to improve service.

“The first couple years of the five-year plan were more focused on overcrowding,” Paleczny said. “We were adding buses or trying to improve frequencies.”

Now in Year 3 of the plan, Paleczny said London Transit can focus more on areas such as improving weekend service and adding new routes.

One key change in September is a change to Route 25 so that the bus travels from Fanshawe College to Masonville Place, stopping four times in between.

Currently, the bus leaving the college, travels up Highbury Avenue and turns back at Fanshawe Park Road. On the new route, the bus will turn around at the Masonville mall.

Damini Singh and Mitesh Kumar Chaudhry, Fanshawe students who live near Masonville Place, said their commute currently takes an hour or more and requires them to take two buses.

“If we have 8 a.m. class, we take the seven o’clock bus,” Singh said. “And if the bus is late, then we’re late for class, too.”

Having to transfer buses can be difficult, they said, because if one bus is late, they tend to miss the other.

Sometimes they find their studies affected by the long commute. “Recently we were late for an exam by 15 minutes,” Chaudhry said.

Paleczny said Masonville Place is a key destination for students, whether for work, shopping or entertainment, so this upcoming service has been widely requested.

She said changes will be made to virtually every route in the fall, whether that means adding buses or extending service times.

The express buses, for example, will run on weekends, too, something Paleczny said has also been in demand.

“We’re starting to expand our hours of operation,” she said. “These improvements will be felt by a lot more Londoners.”

A list of upcoming LTC service changes can be found at

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