Londoners baffled after New York writer Dennis Green brands the Tube 'transport paradise'

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Londoners have been left baffled after an American journalist tested out the Tube and labelled it “transport paradise”.

Business Insider reporter Dennis Green undertook a trip to the capital to compare New York’s creaking subway system with London’s.

In the subsequent article, he lavished praise upon the Tube and bus networks, while also commending the congestion charge for vehicles.

“Not once did I get stuck in a tunnel or even have to wait longer than four minutes for a train,” he wrote. “And with countdown clocks at nearly every station, I always knew when the next train was coming. I also never had to detour because of track work, which is done overnight in London.

“I think it’s best summarized in the status update heard over the PA system every so often in the Underground: ‘There is good service on all London Underground lines.’ You definitely don’t hear that every day in New York.”

He then described undertaking a 5-mile trip from Waterloo to Canonbury, using the Jubilee line and the London Overground. Green recalled the journey in minute detail, from the short waits for trains to the Oyster card system.

He particularly praised the Jubilee line for the sliding doors on the platform which open in tandem with the train doors.

At the end, he concludes: “It took roughly 40 minutes to get to my destination, and with not a single bump along the way. New York can’t do that.”

Londoners suggested the writer should come back during a Tube strike (Getty Images)

But Londoners have not been convinced that the trip is representative of daily commutes on the Tube.

Many commented online that a trip on the Central line during rush hour or a Tube strike would have been a wholly different experience for the American writer.

“Disagree,” wrote one online commenter. “Subway systems that shut down at night are not better than those that don’t.”

Another added: “I love his childlike glee though he’s wrong about shutting down lines. They’re often closed on weekends.”

However, others did agree that London’s Tube was “miles ahead” of New York’s subway, in terms of signage and frequency of trains.

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