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Earlier this year, Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh announced that he and his wife, Beth Quinn, had split up in April after 15 years together. Now he’s single  and it seems Welsh has found a new love — girl-about-town and fellow author Sarah Pinborough, pictured below with Welsh. 

The first clue they were dating was when Irvine revealed to comedian John Bishop in an interview in Scotland: “My girlfriend’s dog doesn’t like me. I met him for the first time a few weeks ago and he was fine until I tried to get into the bedroom.”

A tweet subsequently posted from Pinborough’s Twitter page tagged Welsh in a photo of her dog. “I told Ted you’re coming, he’s lying in wait.” 

Since then the pair have been keeping us updated with their travels on social media, posting images of nights out in various parts of the country. Their most recent was a trip to Antwerp in Belgium. Welsh is a vocal fan of Pinborough’s work and has encouraged his followers to buy her books. 

In an Evening Standard interview in January, to publicise her book Behind Her Eyes, Pinborough spoke candidly about her previous love life. “I like the flirtation, the excitement and the passion of an affair,” she said. “But I’m really shit at the long haul, although I now realise they [affairs] cause an awful lot of pain for no result. I don’t want to sound like an awful husband-stealer but I’m single and nearly every man who hits on me is already in a relationship.” 

Good luck for the long haul. 

Grumpy old man: John Cleese (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images) 

ACTOR and Brexiteer John Cleese launched an attack on eccentric Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, suggesting that he was a dead ringer for Monty Python’s Minister of Silly Walks. “Here is a twit,” Cleese wrote above a picture of the character. “No chin, narrow shoulders, full of confidence (see Rees-Mogg).” When a follower tweeted that Rees-Mogg might be imitating Cleese’s silly-walk shtick, he agreed. “You may be right,” he concurred.  

Will Davis give up his hols like Barnier?

SPARE a thought for David Davis this Bank Holiday weekend. The UK’s Brexit negotiator is expected to be back at work on Monday, according to Ryan Heath of Politico’s Brussels Playbook, to liaise with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier as the negotiations for Britain to leave Europe continue. Davis may be resistant about working on a national holiday — a bit much to ask especially with a three day week? — but any complaints from the British side won’t arouse many sympathies with Barnier, a Frenchman who gave up Bastille Day to hit the negotiating table. 

Quote of the Day

No labels: Dame Judi Dench (Getty Images)

“Partner – horrible word. Friend? No. Boyfriend? No. Chap? Will chap do?”

Dame Judi Dench struggles to define her relationship with her fella David Mills. He calls himself Mr Dench.

Fashionable Free Women roam Ibiza

Here come the girls: Diana Gomez and Lyndell Mansfield (Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Over to the White Island last night, as Pikes Hotel in Ibiza hosted the launch of Free Women, an exhibition of work by photographer Diana Gomez in partnership with the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

The collection — running until the end of September — celebrates strong women and there were plenty in attendance: hairdresser Lyndell Mansfield was a walking advert for millennial pink, while blogger and It Girl Betty Bachz wore her heart on her sleeveless dress. 

We’d say more about the goings on, but what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.

Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh is no doubt used to dining at the world’s finest restaurants, but upon arriving in London he had less lofty expectations. The Oscar-winner was at a special screening of his new movie Logan Lucky at Vue West End this week. Giving a talk, he announced what he was most looking forward to about coming to the UK. “Pizza Express,” he answered. Well, who doesn’t love those dough balls?

Turnbull slips off the throne

Say nothing: Malcolm Turnbull (Getty Images)

AUSTRALIAN  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has risked angering an entire nation — and damaging his currently strong approval rating — by spoiling an episode of Game of Thrones. He appeared on a radio station Down Under this morning and made reference to a crucial plot twist in this week’s episode that had aired but not all had seen. We won’t repeat the gaffe but he said it was “amazing” and made him exclaim: “Oh my heavens.” 

“You might be in trouble, Prime Minister,” host Brad Blissett said. “Oh it’s been a week,” Turnbull shrugged. “If you haven’t seen it within 48 hours, you can’t complain. I mean you’ve got to be able to talk about it.”  

He also expressed his preference for Arya Stark, the character played by Maisie Williams. “I mean Jon Snow is so easy to admire, he’s the ‘capital H hero’, isn’t he?” he said. “But I think Arya’s the more complex character. They’ve done a very good job with her.” 

We always had Malcolm down as more of a Little Finger ourselves.

Tweet of the Day

“Taylor Swift’s re-brand is me showing up on the first day of Year 8 in eyeliner and spiked wristbands.”

Comedy writer Lucy Valentine on Tay Tay’s “edgy” new single

Demand of the day: Reports say that Dame Diana Rigg has a clause in her contract for ITV series Victoria which states that she must end each day with a bottle of chilled prosecco. Classy.

Robbie must have massive feet

Socks appeal: Robbie Williams and his Lego Man

Is Robbie Williams’s big black woolly sock being held by an invisible force? The singer posted this split-screened photo on Instagram yesterday, comparing himself to this punk Lego man tattooed with the French for “To each his own taste”. But who wore it better?  

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