Londoner's Diary: Kensington MP Emma Dent Coard reveals her wicked side

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Who had Emma Dent Coad pegged as the bad girl of Kensington? The Labour MP, who unseated Victoria Borwick in one of the biggest surprises of the snap election earlier this year, has confessed that she has committed some misdemeanours in her past. And Boris Johnson was the victim.

Dent Coad, pictured, was interviewed by John Pienaar yesterday on his BBC Radio 5 Live programme, Pienaar’s Politics. She risked offending at least one of the locals by reiterating her historic claims that the Middleton family — including her constituent, the Duchess of Cambridge — are  the Kardashians of the UK. But Pienaar also broke new ground by asking if Dent Coad had ever done anything illegal. “What about defacing Boris Johnson posters?” he asked. “My sources tell me you’ve been up to that.”

Was that illegal?” she asked, coyly. “Quite possibly. I did use Blu Tack so they could have been moved. There was a lovely poster of Boris Johnson on the way to my daughter’s school and he had a clown hat one day, and a moustache the other day and all kinds of other things.”

Blu Tack or otherwise, she could have been in hot water if she had been caught in the act. But the mischievous behaviour speaks volumes after the constituency turned on the Conservatives, who had held its seat in the area for decades. 

Last week Dent Coad said her predecessors were “not hard acts to follow.” In the same interview she told Pienaar that she has experimented with cannabis in the past. Maybe she could team up with the Green Party.

The Londoner headed straight to The Groucho on Friday evening to join the crowds of members who had been arriving all day to pay their respects to its former manager Bernie Katz, whose death was announced on Thursday. Actor Jude Law joined the gathering too. Piano tunes were played and guests were encouraged to write their best Bernie memories in a memorial book. The party lasted for 12 hours, just as Bernie would have wanted it.

Frottage between The Amorist and Oldie

Is sharing an office with erotic magazine The Amorist rubbing off on The Oldie? This month’s issue has an entertaining diary from Gyles Brandreth debating the merits of buying a sex robot. “Looking at the catalogue, I took a shine to the True Companion Company’s Roxxxy doll,” the doyen of Just a Minute writes but adds: “Even should my wife predecease me I don’t think I shall be having sex with a robot.” This morning we asked The Oldie’s editor, the aptly named Harry Mount, if Amorist editrice Rowan Pelling is having an effect on his editorial. “The pheromones in our shared office are overwhelming!”  he said excitedly. How long before Roxxxy gets a column of her own?

Quote of the Day

“We need to take into consideration the whole world, not only Europe”

The British Museum’s Hartwig Fischer explains a slightly Brexit-esque redisplay of the Greek and Roman artefacts.

(L-R) Steve Norman, Tony Hadley, Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet (Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images)

Eighties group Spandau Ballet may have had more arguments than hits: one bust-up even ended up in the High Court. But it’s not over: last week The Londoner was at Pizza Express Live in Holborn, featuring guitarist Martin Kemp. Steve Norman,  the band’s saxophonist, told revellers there’s no love lost between the band and departed singer Tony Hadley. “Why would you leave Spandau Ballet to be in your own tribute band?” he asked. “It doesn’t make sense to me.” True.

Venice Film Fest goes green for Livia Firth

The Venice Film Festival rolled out the green carpet for Livia Firth as she hosted an intimate lunch at the Hotel Cipriani on Friday, to mark the collaboration between her eco-friendly fashion awards and luxury jewellery brand Chopard.  Colin Firth played the dapper trophy husband, with guests including Bee Shaffer, daughter of US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and her photographer fiancé Francesco Carrozzini, son of late Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani. Could her attendance mean Shaffer will be walking down the aisle in sustainable style? As long as mother approves.

May’s karaoke countdown

Martha Lane Fox has a song for Theresa May (Getty)

Last week Theresa May committed the cardinal  sin of telling the Japanese  that she had never experienced the joys of karaoke. Luckily, there’s someone in Westminster who can sort her out.Martha Lane Fox, pictured, founder of karaoke bar chain Lucky Voice, a cross-bencher and Baroness of Soho, heard the news over the weekend and immediately offered her services. “Don’t worry, Theresa,” she tweeted. “We can help!” The company moved swiftly, sending us a suggested playlist for May’s first visit. It included Europe’s Final Countdown, Celine Dion’s All By Myself, The Beatles’ Taxman and Foreigner’s Cold as Ice.  

“Given that our political regulars have included everyone from Ed Balls to Toby Perkins, Tom Watson and Alastair Campbell, it’s probably about time we see a Tory join the fray,” Lucky Voice’s MD Charlie Elek says. “And we’ve sent her a karaoke kit in case she wants to belt out a power ballad at No 10.” We imagine she’ll start with Fields of Gold, considering her childhood gallops through the wheat.

Tweet of the day

“Some lady came up to me with her signature book and was like ‘Hello, are you Rita Ora’ … I said ‘yes I am’ and signed her book.”

Rockabye singer Anne-Marie just can’t bring herself to displease a fan.

Rodents rule on South Bank

David Walliams smells a rat (Instagram)

Writer and actor David Walliams climbed into a burger van on the South Bank yesterday ahead of a  BFI preview of Ratburger, a  television series based on his novel of the same name. We’re assured that the patties were vermin-free but let’s hope elf and safety don’t  pay him a visit.

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