Man whose Tinder date got stuck in window trying to retrieve poo: 'We were having a really nice night'

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A man whose Tinder date got stuck in a window trying to retrieve her own poo has given a full account of how the bizarre incident unfolded.

Liam Smith took his anonymous date to Nando’s last week before they settled down to watch a Louis Theroux documentary at his student halls in Bristol.

Mr Smith said they “were having a really nice evening” before his date disappeared to the bathroom where she hurled her own poo out of the window when the toilet failed to flush.

Sheepishly, she was forced to admit to her new love interest what she’d done.

Speaking on This Morning, Mr Smith said: “We were having a really nice night. We got on really well and had a lot in common. 

A uni student’s Tinder date reportedly became wedged in his bathroom window trying to retrieve her poo that she threw outside (Liam Smith/GoFundMe)

“She got up to go to the toilet and she came back after a little while, and said ‘I don’t know how to tell you this Liam. I know it’s really awkward but I went to the toilet and it wouldn’t flush and I panicked and I wrapped it up and threw it out of your window’.”

Despite branding the incident “shocking”, Liam praised his date’s reaction and added: “I said we would go and get a plastic bag and go out to the garden and deal with it. But that’s when we discovered it was trapped between two windows.

Mr Smith said firefighters were called to free his Tinder date from the window after she became trapped (Liam Smith/GoFundMe)

“I can’t imagine what was going through her head. But she dealt with it very well. She certainly owned up to it.”

During the revealing interview, Mr Smith, who recreated the incident in front of hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, admitted the pair had retrieved the faeces.

Worst date: Liam Smith recreates how the poo got stuck (ITV)

But, despite their success, the woman ended up trapped in the open window.

He added: “The original plan was to smash the window and be done with it but she thought she could reach down into the window. But she couldn’t quite get there. She did reach it, to be fair. We launched it into the toilet. The poo’s gone but she cannot get out. I was pulling and pulling and pulling.” 

Fire crews were forced to smash the window to rescue the woman prompting the pair to set up an online fundraising page to pay for a new one.

As news of the horrific first date spread across the internet, the page brought in £2,775 – more than ten times the £200 target – which will now be split between two charities; Toilet Twinning and the Fire Fighter’s Charity.

It is not clear if romance will blossom but Mr Smith told the Bristol Post that they had met for a drink to discuss the fundraising and described his date as “a lovely girl”.

He added: “I’m really busy with my dissertation at the moment but I’d certainly be open to seeing her again.

“I think I owe her a nice drink after all of this. Whatever happens we’ll remain firm friends.”

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