Moment Sky News correspondent puts head in hands and says 'oh God, oh God,' after TV blunder

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A Sky News reporter puts his head in his hands and said “oh God, oh God” after making an on air blunder.

Chief political correspondent Jon Craig was discussing Brexit legislation on live television when he stumbled over his words.

He began his segment by saying: “Theresa May and David Davis are pleading with both supporters and opponents of Brexit to back the legislation being debated by MPs today…are pulling the European Union.”

But he then appeared to realise he had made a mistake, and repeated the word “pulling” before saying: “Oh God, God, God, God”.

John Craig was live on air when he made the blunder (Sky News )

The journalist then looked at the camera before it switched back to the presenter, who said: “We’ll go back to Jon Craig as soon as we’ve sorted out the issues there.”

He had benen discussing Brexit legislation when he stumbled on his words (Sky News)

Viewers who witnessed the blunder were left confused as to what happened, taking to social media to speculate.

Meanwhile journalist Dan Hodges claimed to have got to the bottom of the issue.

He said: “Got to the bottom of Jon Craig’s ‘meltdown’ on Sky. Colleague reveals was actually “as live” outtake that got broadcast in error.”

It is not the Sky News reporter’s first on-air blunder – three years ago he shouted “oh f***ing hell” at Big Ben after it chimed as he reported from Westminster.

And in 2011 he accidentally called then culture secretary Jeremy Hunt Mr ‘c***’.

Craig has been Sky News’ chief political correspondent since 2006, and was previously a lobby correspondent for more than 30 years.

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