Nigel Farage says EU leaders caused terror attacks by letting people from 'different cultures and religions' live in their countries

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Nigel Farage has blamed the Barcelona terror attacks on European leaders who “caused” them to happen by allowing people from different cultures and religions to live in their countries.

He told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that leaders such as Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron take no action against Islamic State.

“What happens is they all stand up and they say ‘We stand in solidarity with Barcelona, or Brussels, or Stockholm, or Paris, or London or wherever it may be, and this is really truly awful’.

“And not once do we ever hear a single leader in Europe offer any policy solutions whatsoever,” said the former UKIP leader and Brexiteer.

Shocking: People in Las Ramblas after a van ploughed into pedestrians (EPA)

“They are still in denial because they are so embarrassed by the fact that they have caused this.”

He attributed a string of recent atrocities across cities in western Europe to the fact that people from other places live in those cities.

“There is a direct link and relationship between the number of people you let in from different religions and different cultures and the number of terror attacks,” said Mr Farage.

13 dead and more than 100 injured as van driver brings terror to Barcelona

He said there had been no attacks in central or eastern Europe because those countries will not give in to EU pressure to take in migrants that have crossed the Mediterranean.

He concluded: “Now with the central and Eastern European states saying they will not take Islamic terrorism, and even Islamic migration on a huge scale, I think the whole European project is falling apart.” 

Thirteen people were killed and 80 injured after a van ploughed into pedestrians in a terror attack in Barcelona for which Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

The Catalonian government confirmed the death toll following the rampage in Las Ramblas – the city’s busiest shopping street – around 5pm (local time) on Thursday.

And overnight police also shot dead five terrorists as they tried to carry out a second atrocity linked to the first.

The men wearing suicide belts rammed civilians with a car in the Spanish seaside town of Cambrils, about 50 miles from Barcelona.

The Islamic State has specifically urged followers to launch attacks in the West, telling followers in a May issue of its magazine Rumiyah to carry out rampages.

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