Old North residents can only wonder why after vulgar vandals tag dozens of cars, homes and even sidewalks

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Residents in a north London neighbourhood said they’re shocked and disgusted by obscene graffiti sprayed on homes, vehicles and fences.

“I have no clue why anybody would do this,” Lorna Macauley, a resident of Victoria Street, said Sunday. Her car was made the canvas for a vulgar image.

A vandal or vandals used spray paint to deface as many as 30 properties in Old North.

Residents woke up Saturday to find vulgar words and images, written in mostly blue and orange, sprawled on walls, doors, windows, fences, back decks, front porches and vehicles throughout the neighbourhood. Many outdoor lights were smashed and construction pylons were found tipped over.

The messages followed similar themes — violence, mockery, and obscenities.

“White” was sprayed in blue on a white SUV. “For sale” and “sold” were written on the home that is for sale. “Blood”, “death”, and “die” were other messages still covering cars and houses Sunday.

Other damage had been cleaned up.

London police officers were in the neighbourhood all day Saturday, residents said. A police spokesperson said Sunday the street crime unit was investigating.

Homes and vehicles were damaged on Huron, Talbot, Victoria and St. George streets and Sunset Drive.

A trail of damage was left on St. George Street that is closed to traffic while it is rebuilt. Construction vehicles and the sidewalk were spray painted and a portable toilet toppled.

On the front door of a house on the street under construction was one word, “Why?”

Gary Davies, a contractor repairing a Talbot Street home, said the back door was kicked in Thursday night and some old tools were stolen.

No other damage was done to the home over the weekend.

Bill Downe lives on Talbot. His home was excluded from the tagging. He remembers hearing something outside his house at 5 a.m. Saturday.

“I thought I heard something. It was enough that I came to look out my windows, but I didn’t see anything,” he said.

“At about 7 a.m. I was having my coffee and the kids around the corner were making a lot of noise about (the graffiti) and walking up and down the street talking about it.”

Downe’s neighbours, John and Betty Essey, were not so lucky. They weren’t home Friday night. They returned from a vacation when another neighbour contacted them to tell them their front window was covered in spray paint.

John Essey said that in the past the most trouble there has been in the neighbourhood is noise from Western University students.

“Never ever have they done (­graffiti),” he said.

“That’s really destructive.”

Betty Essey said that as long as she has lived in the neighbourhood, nothing like this has ever happened before. She grew up in the couple’s home on Talbot.

Essey is 89 years old.

“For the last five years, we’ve never had any problems with students,” she said.



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