Outrage over shocking video of shark being dragged by speedboat

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A group of boaters have sparked outrage after a horrific video emerged of them dragging a shark at high speed from their speedboat.

In the footage, which was posted on Instagram on Monday, three men can be seen laughing and pointing at the shark as it is dragged by a rope from the back of the boat.

One says “look it’s already almost dead” while the other boaters laugh.

The identity of the three men is not yet clear, though it is believed the footage was taken somewhere off the west coast of Florida.

Wildlife officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have since launched an investigation.

The video was posted on Instagram by outraged fisherman Mark Quartiano, also known as ‘Mark the Shark’ and has since been viewed more than 45,000 times. 

He says he was also sent a photo of the fisherman holding up the torn apart body of a shark afterwards.  

Mr Quartiano told ABC News: “I’ve never seen a more horrific video as far as an animal is concerned in fifty years of shark fishing.

“I go, ‘oh my God’, what the hell is this?’ It’s morally wrong. This is no way to treat a helpless innocent animal.”

People have taken to social media to express outrage at the footage, with one user branding the footage “disgusting” and saying the boaters “should be ashamed”.

C.L. Harrelson posted on Instagram: “How anyone could do this to any living creature and think it is funny is beyond comprehension.”

One user added: “I think what everybody has already put into words, everything I thought when I saw this footage… so sad that humans can be so cruel.”

Justn868 posted: “Disgusting… these ‘fisherman’ should be ashamed.”

Animal protection charity PETA has been contacted for comment. 

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