Rashan Charles death: Teenager arrested after Dalston protest turns violent and police come under attack

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A 17-year-old boy has been arrested after a protest over the death of Rashan Charles in east London turned violent.

A large group clashed with riot police and threw items at them as tensions came to a head in Dalston following a peaceful protest earlier in the day.

Protesters – many of whom were masked – were angry at how a black man had died after being chased and apprehended by police last week.

Objects including mattresses and furniture were placed in the middle of Kingsland Road at around 3.40pm before violence broke out.

Protesters barricade road over man’s police chase death

One police officer suffered an injury to his eye, while a member of the public was knocked off his bike and assaulted while he attempted to pass through.

Police said a number of parked vehicles were damaged, while several fires were started and items including bottles were thrown at officers.

Shop owners were forced to pull down shutters amid the mayhem, with some people barricading themselves in a Tesco store. The crowd eventually dispersed just before midnight.

Detective Superintendent Claire Crawley, from Hackney Borough, said: “The disorder of last night was separate from the peaceful protest at Stoke Newington Police Station that was held earlier that day.

“Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, but there was inconvenience to local residents and road users and damage caused to vehicles, a cash machine and a number of windows.

“We will always support the right to lawful protest but behaviour such as that seen last night cannot be tolerated.”

Protesters hurl bottles at police in Dalston during a Rashan Charles protest

A teenage boy was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. He was taken to an east London police station where he remained in custody on Saturday afternoon.

One man who witnessed the situation unfold from his bedroom window, said: “An enormous police presence with dogs, horses, riot gear and helicopters working their way up Kingsland High Street and pushing the crowds back. 


The road blockade was set on fire as the protest continued later into the evening (PA)

“It wasn’t the same crowd to what I’d seen on social media from earlier in the day, just people in masks with fireworks setting mattresses alight.”

At around 10pm, a lorry was seen driving through the barricade, hitting a line of wheelie bins in its path.


Police horses are drafted in to the riot (PA)

Rashan Charles, 20, was chased into a shop by officers in Dalston on Saturday night. He was restrained on the floor and later died after apparently swallowing an object and being “taken ill”.

The police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, has since launched a probe into his death.

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