Revealed: London's top 10 most unsafe places to park your car

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The least safe place to park your car in London has been revealed, with roads across the capital ranking highly on a list of car crime hotspots.

Streets in Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Mayfair all appeared among the top five worst streets in London for vehicle-related crime, while four out of the capital’s top 10 were designated car parks.

The stats come from Co-Op Insurance, which has released an interactive map showing the number of vehicle-related crimes recorded in the last six months on any street in the UK.

Areas which have seen the highest amount of car crime glow red on the map.

Ranked number one on the list as the least safe place to leave your car was Meridian Square, next to Stratford station in east London, where 46 car crimes were reported in the last six months.

Top 10 most unsafe places to park in London

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1.    Meridian Square, Stratford 

2.    Welbeck Street, Marylebone 

3.    Greenwell Street, Fitzrovia 

4.    Carrington Street, Mayfair 

5.    Tempelhof Avenue, Brent Cross 

6.    Wennington Road, Rainham 

7.    Parker Mews, Holborn 

8.    Shortlands, Hammersmith 

9.    Onslow Road, New Malden 

10.    Glover Drive, Walthamstow 

Marylebone’s Welbeck Street was ranked second, with 28 vehicle crimes in the last six months, followed by Greenwell Street in Fitzrovia with 27.

Also ranked in the top 10 was Carrington Street in Mayfair – which sits alongside a car park – where 26 vehicle-related crimes were reported in the past half a year.

James Hillon from Co-op Insurance said year on year the company sees a 20 per cent increase in car thefts across the UK.

Last year, nearly 800,000 vehicle-related thefts were reported across the UK.

It is one of the most reported crimes on police records.

Standard police advice in the UK is to keep jackets and items out of sight in the car, close all windows and do not use the boot for storage.

The police also urge people to use secure, theft-resistant number plates and take removable stereos and sat-nav equipment out of the car when not in use.

1 London

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