'Sexist' and 'patronising' pink beer for women sparks Twitter backlash

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A pink beer marketed specifically for women has sparked outrage on social media with users branding it “sexist” and “patronising”.

Czech based company Aurosa has begun marketing a beer in small pink bottles, advertising the beverage as the “first beer for her” and a “gracefully feminine and very delicious beer”.

The beer was launched in Europe earlier this year, but sparked outrage among some on Twitter after it made its debut in London this week.

Social media users have taken to Twitter to brand the beer “idiotic” and accused the company of outright sexism.

The company defended the beer on Facebook, stating it just wanted to offer beer in an “elegant and beautiful” bottle.

On Twitter user, known only as Bill, posted: “This is idiotic. Clearly created by a guy who has never spoken to a woman or had a beer with one. This hurts us all, just stop this.”

Jenny Hicken posted: “Women love all this patronising stuff, product marketers, thanks.”

Kelly Shenton said: “Me and my girlies push our lady boundaries and actually have a PINT of beer sometimes. I know, trailblazers.”

One user, known only as Nicloa, said: “Sexism aside (bad enough) this is the most pretentious beer ever.”

One user simply tweeted: “I’ll just have a pint.”

Aurosa says on its website that the branding blends the “sophistication of art and pure elegance into a bottle of Czech beer”.

In response to the backlash, it posted on Facebook: “Beer, wine or any alcohol has no gender. However, the beer industry is largely dominated by men. And culturally, even as more women enter the industry as brewers, pub owners, drinkers, beer can still pretty much feel like a masculine affair.”

It added: “Aurosa was never intended to take part in sexism, feminism or the like. It was never intended to dictate what women should or shouldn’t drink.

“We are simply a brand that wants to offer beer in an elegant and beautiful bottle, something that has not been done before, for those women who want it and who’s lifestyle we fit.”

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