Three's a chaotic crowd… but William and Kate will have a huge amount of fun

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Not much happens in the Windsor household by accident, so Kate and William will have some idea of what they are in for by going for the royal hat-trick.

My husband and I took a similar decision to have a third baby several years ago. Both from big families ourselves, we were convinced we could cope with the madness. 

Yet we forgot some basics the royal couple would do well to bear in mind. You’re outnumbered — no longer will daddy be able to take George off for a stroll around the gardens while mummy has some “special time” with Charlotte. Kate is more likely to be juggling breastfeeding the baby while coping with a toddler tantrum.

When one of you is away on a royal visit, or in our case at work, the remaining parent only has two hands. It’s amazing how dexterous you can become with your toes. 

You come to appreciate why gin is known as “mother’s ruin” after every bath and bedtime leaves you in desperate need of a drink.

Forget sleep, holidays, meals out — even meals in — we were often too knackered to do much more than eat a bowl of pasta in front of the telly.

Our finances rarely slipped into the black — a problem William and Kate won’t share — with two at nursery and one needing after-school care our monthly bill was more than £2,000. The arrival of our first-born seemed a lifetime away. Then, we had time to coo over every gurgle and angst over every cry. 

He was breastfed until almost a year, weaned on organic home-cooked meals, taken to every baby-friendly cultural event going. His brother came along two years later — doubling the amount of work and noise but also the fun. The handwritten journal with carefully selected pictures became a photo album with a few notes scribbled on. 

By the time we got to his sister, we didn’t even manage to print off any photos. But our baby number three had ready-made playmates. They sang and read to her, fetched her toys, hugged her hard when she was sad. 

She is, as a result, more resilient, adaptable and confident than either elder sibling. All the noise and work and expense are more than worth it — with it comes huge amounts of fun and love. My husband and I have often joked that a bunch of housekeepers and nannies would make all the difference. Kate and William are lucky to have that. 

But I don’t begrudge them. I also know that navigating the daily chaos feels like a massive achievement. 

They say that three’s a crowd, but that’s just the point.

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