What’s next for O.J. Simpson?

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At times, during O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing it seemed as though the battered old jock was moving his body like he was evading bruising linebackers.

The big man on campus. Bobbing. Weaving. Jocular. Locker room O.J.

O.J. the good, O.J. the great, O.J…being O.J.

For a moment, you could believe you were in a 1978 Hertz Rental Car commercial and there goes The Juice sprinting through the airport.

But that life is gone, even if the 70-year-old is blissfully unaware of his drastically altered stature and circumstances.

He was given parole — effective Oct. 1 — after serving nearly nine years for a Las Vegas robbery beef.

Simpson’s greatest gift and his Achilles heel will remain himself, one expert said.

Stuart Marques — a former top reporter and managing editor at the Big Apple’s hyper competitive tabloids, the Daily News and the New York Post — now runs Stuart Marques Communications.

Marques thinks The Juice should crawl under a rock.

“He should probably keep a low profile, but I can’t imagine he could do it — or that the press and segments of the public would let him,” Marques told the Toronto Sun.

Forget Hertz or any other endorsements, just leading a normal hum-drum life will push the former Buffalo Bill’s endurance to the limit.

“He’s always revelled in the spotlight, often making himself his own worst enemy,” Marques said. “He’s a smart guy but he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and constantly wants to prove it. Bad idea.”

The one-time Heisman Trophy winner — who was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend in 1995 — also faces a flurry of other woes once out of the joint.

One of those is a $33.5 million civil judgement against him for the 1994 murders. The Goldman family says less than 1% has been paid.

But experts say money will not be an issue for the former running back.

CNN reports the grid great contributed $5 million to his Screen Actor’s Guild retirement plan. And there is also his NFL pension, which could pay him more than $300,000 per year.

Best of all for The Juice, the dough is retirement income so it can’t be touched.

“Pensions are bulletproof,” lawyer David Cook, who represents the Goldman family, told Fox News. “Absent divine intervention, they are nearly impossible to topple. This is frustrating.”

The current best guesstimates of Simpson’s wealth are pegged at between $250,000 in the bank to more than $10 million.

What’s ahead will likely be scores of dreary sports card and memorabilia shows, autograph signings and car lot openings.

Coke won’t be calling.

Marques thinks he should simply vanish.

“He should keep his mouth shut, jump into a fast-moving Ford Bronco and disappear,” the veteran newsman said. “But I doubt he’s capable of it.”


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