Woman escapes abduction and rape threats thanks to amazing driving skills

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A South Carolina student who escaped being raped has told how she jumped from a moving vehicle after learning her attackers could not drive her manual-gearshift car.

Jordan Dinsmore, 20, was ambushed in the early hours of Wednesday, July 26, in a carpark by three men who bundled her into her car at gunpoint.

When they realised her 2009 Toyota Scion was not an automatic – popular in the US – one ran off, but two of the men remained and forced her into the driver’s seat, telling her to drive to a cash machine.

She withdrew $300 (about £225) from a petrol station ATM and pleaded with them to let her go, but they then ordered her to drive to their “auntie’s” house where their friends would rape her.

“I thought back to my mum,” Ms Dinsmore tearfully told a press conference.

“She was almost a victim of sexual assault when she was a college student. But she fought back and fought the man off. 

“And I thought, ‘I’m gonna be strong like my mom, and I’m gonna get myself out of this.’ ” 

As she traveled through a junction at about 35 mph, Ms Dinsmore – who was not wearing a seatbelt – shifted the car into neutral and leapt from the moving vehicle.

“I saw my opportunity, I threw it into neutral and just … fell out,” she said.

She ran back towards the petrol station for help, where an “amazing woman” came to her aid as she looked out behind her to make sure she hadn’t been followed.

“The only reason I wasn’t raped and most likely killed was because I kept my head and jumped out of my own moving vehicle on a busy street to get away,” Ms Dinsmore wrote in a post to social media.

She added that police who found her had given her a nickname, writing: “Thank you to the kind woman who heard my screaming and stopped her care for me and to Richland [Police Department] for responding instantly and giving me my new nickname, James Bond.”

Ms Dinsmore escaped with cuts and bruises.

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