Work experience boy Eddie takes over Southern Rail's Twitter feed with hilarious and sweet results

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An enthusiastic work experience student was put in temporary charge of Southern Rail’s Twitter account, with sweet and hilarious results.

“Hi, Eddie here! Here on Work Experience and ready to answer your questions!” wrote the keen intern on Southern’s Twitter feed.

Twitter seized on the opportunity to poke fun at the beleaguered rail operator and especially its efficiency record, though most remained kind to Eddie as he answered their unusual questions.

“Oh god Eddie, why are they doing this to you…they’re not even paying you. Run, run better than Southern Rail,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I’m enjoying it here, and I am getting a lot of good experience working so it’s all good,” replied an upbeat Eddie, adding a smiley face to the end of the tweet.

Another wrote: “URGENT QUESTION – Eddie, would you rather have rollerblades for feet or chopsticks for hands for the rest of your life?”

Eddie gamely replied that he would prefer rollerblades.

Other punters complained of “c***” service on Southern, or had more challenging questions for the workie – but Eddie had answers for them too.

“Will Southern be meeting with Aslef to resolve the overtime ban? Will there be any ‘meaningful talks’ with the RMT over guard removal?” asked one user, referring to hot topics in the rail industry.

Eddie pointed them to the news section of the Southern website.

Still other Twitter users had gentle advice for Eddie, who said he was working for free.

“Don’t look directly into the eyes of senior management,” cautioned one man, posting the message alongside a gif of the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings film.

At the time of publication, Eddie had not yet responded to questions about his opinions on rail privatisation, the pedestrianisation of Norwich town centre, or his preferred kind of cheese.

Overall, Twitter users seemed to have been won over by Eddie’s chipper Twitter manner, with several wishing him: “Good luck.”

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